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Offline again!!! – Update 2

Ok, so now it all up and runing again. However, I did find out last night that contrary to my previous whinging, you install the original disks and then burning crusade disks straight after and you are at 2.0.0 with the expansion packs installed.

I noticed that it took longer, I suppose its got more files to overwrite.

Anyway, I hope I never have to write about this subject again. Anyone reading it must be well and truly bored of it by now.

So today I entered the fray, and conscious that Haaz has been pretty slack in dealing damage to the enemies of the horde, he immediately set out to take out some high profile bounty.


Offline again!!! – Update 1

So I am 25% through loading the main warcraft game. Then I have to patch it upto 1.12, then to 2.0.0, and then about 4 patches upto 2.0.8 and then done.

Oh no I gotta instal Burning Crusade somewhere in there.

Broken record anyone?

If anyone does come to this post and thinks wtf is this guy on, I need help not a flippin update on his real life issues, well I have one bit of advice. Copy the contents off all your 4 (or 5) disks into a folder called “wow cds”. Start at number 1 and go to number 4 or 5 depending how many you have. If it asks you if you want to overwrite click yes. Then when you are done hit the installer icon. It does it faster, trust me.

Anyway back to my mind numbing issues.

I was kinda wondering why the Burning Crusade disks just didn’t contain all the patch info upto 2.0.0? There probably is a really good reason, like making someone have original disks. But wouldn’t they need the original disks to upgrade to world of warcraft?

So many questions and so little answers. Who has these answers. Write into “haaz wanna know, c/o orgrimmar inn, orgrimmar”. I don’t think orgrimmar needs a postal code.

WOW, I am 50% through since I wrote all this. Maybe if I keep writing crap the install time will speed up. And if it doesn’t, it’ll numb the pain of American Idol my wife is intend on keeping up with.

Only one grumble though, why does my install only wait until I’m level 68 with full rested bonus to play up? Sucks. I hate warcraft, I’m never gonna play it again.

Yeah right.

Gotta be undead, surely

Kinless has taken the challenge and he is a real life human paladin.

So the challenge has been set and here are the results…..

Gnome Warlock
warlock.jpgGnomes are strange little things. Fascinated with gadgets and shiny things, gnomes are often plotting and planning – but are pretty smart, despite all the explosions.You’re a creepy, creepy warlock. You delight in the darker things in life – such as setting people on fire, and delight in the macabre. You’d probably fake your own death just to freak people out by getting up from the casket at your funeral.
Find out your real-life WoW race and class at


Actually, after spilling my drink I sat down and thought about it.

I am rather small at 5’3″. I’m an engineer by trade, so blowing things up is a speciality. Plus I only really play as undead, so I suppose a warlock is the closest you can get to pure evil.

Haaz on the crusade

Here are some pictures to prove Haaz has been doing his bit for the horde.

haaz as a box
Dressing up as a box to infiltrate the demon legion. A typical day for Haaz who since stepping into the portal has disguised himself no less than 4 times. However, someone left an old fish in the bottom and it was hard to fight the smell AND listen to the legions important communications.

Killing Maladaar. Normally Haaz killing someone wouldn’t even make page 21 news, but someone had to put him out of his misery. Red armor is soooo last summer.

The Hardware Store

All good raiding guilds need to get supplies and I heard there was a new hardware store opening up in town. Might get Haaz to sit outside and wait for opening day. 

Offline again!!!

Ok so my computer has been playing up again. Tried to log on the other day and patch2.mpq is showing as corrupt. Using the Blizzard repair tool didn’t seem to help so uninstalled it and went to bed. Luckily I saved all the patches I downloaded, so it shouldn’t be as much of a headache next time.

Next time is looking like saturday, possibly friday night if I can leave work early enough as I think I’ll need a few hours.

I’m kinda getting annoyed as it works when I am busy, but give me a free day or two and something happens. My guild start on Karazhan this coming monday so I’ve got to push for 70 and then that attunement pretty fast. It looks like we are starting intially as a sign up for the raid. I notice that a lot of other guilds are making teams up that raid together. Lets just hope I can get to 70 before the next expansion because I really want a chance to roll on The Decapitator

70 Here I come

So with warcraft back up and running I’m now back on target to hit 70. My original guess was mid feb, and with 2 levels to go, and a week offline, I wasn’t far off.

The good thing with being offline for a week is I’m now nearly 150% through rested, so it makes that grind to 70 much easier.

So back to my update, didn’t get much done myself. Started off boosting a paladin in our guild through RFD and then helped a friend new to the game finish off those annoying quests that hang about in everyones quest log. Then my brother logged on so I spent some time hanging with him until he hit 61. So its 9pm and I start my own levelling.

Going to try and get some pictures up up soon.