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BIG Update

So I finally arrive back here and a lots happened. So here we go.

Guild sinks as most predicted

So Warlords finally gave in and I was one of about 3 active players left. So I left. I do find it funny that most of the people that left joined guilds that have failed to turn out to be what was expected (i.e. 2 months later and still struggeling in karazhan) or are still running karazhan (those still in my friends lists never seem to be anywhere other than kara).

I can only assume they are happy.

So for a while I was guildless, which is kinda what I wanted so I could concentrate on my PVP (more later).

Now I am in a small but friendly guild called ‘The Pride’. We have only started karazhan this week, but that is not my target, it is having a fun guild to be a member of.


So me and Elliot have our own 2v2 team ‘Canibal Corpse’. Yeah I know theres a spelling mistake, its intentional. It was the name of our first guild on mazrigos.

We’ve done ok, still hovering around 1500 rating but in the last few weeks we’ve got quite a lot of PVP gear and recruited a druid (Mumrik) who has pushed our ratings even higher last week.


Not sure if I mentioned, but I have being playing warhammer for about 17 years now. I have a tournament coming up (tomorrow actually) so have also spent a big amount of time building up my army and painting it. I’ll post pictures here when they are done.


Offline again!!! – Update 1

So I am 25% through loading the main warcraft game. Then I have to patch it upto 1.12, then to 2.0.0, and then about 4 patches upto 2.0.8 and then done.

Oh no I gotta instal Burning Crusade somewhere in there.

Broken record anyone?

If anyone does come to this post and thinks wtf is this guy on, I need help not a flippin update on his real life issues, well I have one bit of advice. Copy the contents off all your 4 (or 5) disks into a folder called “wow cds”. Start at number 1 and go to number 4 or 5 depending how many you have. If it asks you if you want to overwrite click yes. Then when you are done hit the installer icon. It does it faster, trust me.

Anyway back to my mind numbing issues.

I was kinda wondering why the Burning Crusade disks just didn’t contain all the patch info upto 2.0.0? There probably is a really good reason, like making someone have original disks. But wouldn’t they need the original disks to upgrade to world of warcraft?

So many questions and so little answers. Who has these answers. Write into “haaz wanna know, c/o orgrimmar inn, orgrimmar”. I don’t think orgrimmar needs a postal code.

WOW, I am 50% through since I wrote all this. Maybe if I keep writing crap the install time will speed up. And if it doesn’t, it’ll numb the pain of American Idol my wife is intend on keeping up with.

Only one grumble though, why does my install only wait until I’m level 68 with full rested bonus to play up? Sucks. I hate warcraft, I’m never gonna play it again.

Yeah right.

Not much to report

Having a few problems with my PC at the moment, so not much to report. I hit 68 last weekend, and not logging in all week will probably help my to hit 69 soon.

Good news however, my brother returned from his extended (enforced?) break and I bought him the Burning Crusade as a birthday present. Can’t wait for him to hit 70 so we can start our 2 man arena team.

Anyway, I hope to have it installed tonight so lets see what that brings.

 Edit: Here’s a picture I call brothers in arms. Welcome back Elliot.

Hoodoob the Hunter

Like most poeple that play this game I have a multitude of alts spread across different servers, all at different levels, all different classes and all different proffessions.

So before the Burning Crusade I thought I’d have a cull and delete a load. For no other reason than to save my sanity. I went about the annihilation with the precision of jack the ripper. Anyone below level 5, off with your head.

I delted all my twinks on an old server my mate used to once be on. But not before handing out over 100g to random passerbys. I tried to be fair. I started off asking them if they were new to the game, or if this was just an unwanted alt. If they seemed to be newish (I didn’t bother weeding out the good liers) to the game, I gave them 10g and a few presents.

Out went my only paladin, 20 levels worht of experiance in mob killing lost with the press of 6 letters. D E L E T E.

I kinda lost the plot a little when we logged onto my brothers account and deleted all our ‘joint’ characters except Haazgoth, my first ever character.

So now I am left with 5 characters, most of which are currently on Mazrigos, 1 is on a server that always seems to be up when mazrigos is down so at least I can play and the rest exist only to launder naff stuff through the auction house.

I sound like an addict.

So there is Haaz, the great warrior, and his merry little altish friends. Of these, Hoodoob is prehaps my favourite. There is also little Tarlok the paladin, and the unfortunately named zgbanker who now has no purpose.

So back to Hoodoob the hunter. He’s on full rested now, so I went up to ashenvale and hunted down the Laughing Sisters. Easy 350xp a kill, with no down time, and no use of pots. I’m hoping to make 30 with him by the time Haaz hits 70.

The Burning Crusade so far

I’m pretty happy with my progress this weekend. Started at 64 and am now halfway through 66.

 Most of my levelling was in Nagrand with the help of a guildmate (cheers perla) and with rested xp. We burnt though all the quests in the south and then joined up with Liska and Wite to do the orge quests in the north.

 Last night i teamed up with Giantcrab and together we busted through some Blades edge mountains quests.

 Before the great server crash of 4th feb, I went down to Hillsbrad to help boost a friends alt and noticed a huge number of alliance wondering around slaying people. I guess they thought there wouldn’t be much help around, with everyone on their mains up in the outlands. Being a high level horde on a PVP server, I felt it was my duty to help.

 And so I did.