Warhammer Online

So I let this blog fall by the wayside a bit eh?

So what happened next? Well I carried on playing wow another 6 months or so, getting my rankings up but eventually grew bored of constant dungeons, crap world pvp where the numbers were never even enough for a fun constant fight and boring arenas where your rankings would only go so high before you kept meeting the same group setups.

So I fell away, stopped logging on for days at a time.

Time passed by, haaz probably died a glorious death, wiping out hundreds of pussyboy order before being slain by a mighty champion god. Then he was reborn into another world, one where stupid shoulder guards hadn’t been invented, where the gnome technology was non-existent. He asked around, where am I?, why am I short with a hugh potbelly? Why do I keep wanting to fight till I die a great death? Why do elves dressed like porn stars kill me in 0.1 uberseconds?

Yes, I’m now on Warhammer Online.

This game is everything I need at the moment. I love the Warhammer world, been playing the tabletop games for 17 odd years now. The world PVP is key to the game being good and the classes are slightly more balanced than I remember the wow’s to be.

If you read this and playing too, say hi to Haaz or Haazgoth on Karak Norn.


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