BIG Update

So I finally arrive back here and a lots happened. So here we go.

Guild sinks as most predicted

So Warlords finally gave in and I was one of about 3 active players left. So I left. I do find it funny that most of the people that left joined guilds that have failed to turn out to be what was expected (i.e. 2 months later and still struggeling in karazhan) or are still running karazhan (those still in my friends lists never seem to be anywhere other than kara).

I can only assume they are happy.

So for a while I was guildless, which is kinda what I wanted so I could concentrate on my PVP (more later).

Now I am in a small but friendly guild called ‘The Pride’. We have only started karazhan this week, but that is not my target, it is having a fun guild to be a member of.


So me and Elliot have our own 2v2 team ‘Canibal Corpse’. Yeah I know theres a spelling mistake, its intentional. It was the name of our first guild on mazrigos.

We’ve done ok, still hovering around 1500 rating but in the last few weeks we’ve got quite a lot of PVP gear and recruited a druid (Mumrik) who has pushed our ratings even higher last week.


Not sure if I mentioned, but I have being playing warhammer for about 17 years now. I have a tournament coming up (tomorrow actually) so have also spent a big amount of time building up my army and painting it. I’ll post pictures here when they are done.


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