Guild Troubles

Not had a chance to post recently, the reason being the same as the title….Guild problems.

Tobold’s post earlier today pretty much covered the issues we’ve had.  An inner core rushed to 70 pretty quickly and started whizzing through the content. After a while it was pretty obvious it would be some time before we hit kara.

So our main tank and one of our priests (both officers) moved to a more serious raiding guild. They left as friends and we wish them the best of luck, but for about 4 days it looked like everything would blow apart and no one was sure who would leave.

Thankfully no one else has left and we have survived for now. So forgive me for not updating.

On a slightly different note, Elliot (my brother IRL) has dinged 70 too and now we start our 2v2 arena team.

I’ll be making sure I keep an eye on my theorycraft.


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