Quick update before I move house

The armory

Wow, this is a nice feature. Its only Beta at the moment so don’t expect it to be perfect. I also noticed its quite slow to load. The european index is here.

For those not had a chance to check it out yet, the armory is a new feature that blizzard have added to their website. You can search for any character/arena team/guild on any server. It bascially replicates the character profile you see when you play warcraft.

I personally have mixed issues with this. Its great that I can show people my character details and talent tree and equipment. Its also great that I can post the link here and never need to manually update it (unlike CT Profile). Also great is the fact it is a true representation of my characters with my true stats based on gems and socket bonus etc. CT Profile wasn’t quite upto speed on that.

However, as some blogs have already questioned, there is potential for this to be a bad idea too. Your guild (or guild you are applying too) can see every good and bad part of your character. Additionally, I can’t seem to work out when the snapshot is taken, so the equipment isn’t what I want to show. Ok so it Beta, but having some kind of snapshot button in game would be useful, so that when you are wearing your full DPS gear for example you hit the button and people see your true stats, and likewise for example your tanking gear (or whatever class you are).

However the most pressing problem in my mind is the skills page. I looked at haaz last night and noticed my dagger skill was quite low, along with some other skills. Now I’ve always tried to keep all my weapon skills up, but some are just hanging the wrong side of 200. Normally not a problem, but with loot distribution up in the air for a lot of guilds, would someone with a low skill in a type of weapon be allowed to roll on said weapon, say a dagger?

Before hand, you just rolled and started to use it and before long your skill was back into normal figures. However now your easy to access skill levels could influence the loot you can roll on.

Bit far fetched maybe? Possibly. What about proffessions. Your skill is 5 off what is required to use it, does that mean you can’t roll on it. Before hand your word would be taken and you’d soon skill up to use it.

I’m 99% sure this wont be a problem for Haaz as I’m in a pretty mature guild, but others may find it a problem.

For the time being however, its a pretty cool feature.

75% through 69

If it wasn’t for the house move (see below) I’d be dinging 70 tonight. But I am, so it’ll have to wait until sometime next week.

Last night I was in Netherstorm, trying to finish off as many solo quests as possible. Finishing that area off soon will mean that I can save most of shadowmoon valley and blades edge mountain quests for easy gold and rep when I’m not PVPing or raiding.

I finished off the bessy quest, where you escort a cow back to the farmer. I didn’t think it was the best use of my time, I should be killing things, but then even a cow needs a bit of loving care and attention now and again.

Also collected a mana bomb fragment, weaved some magic barriers to keep the ghoulies in and then went looking for trouble up near the stormspire. So far I only have a few minor issues with the expansion, and not being able to roll an Etheral warrior is one of them. Maybe in the next expansion please blizzard?

Also, I’ve put a page up showing the attunements chart for the expansion here. I’m hoping to tick off the bits I’ve finished, and although its more for my own tracking, it’ll let you keep up with what I’m doing.


Going to be moving house over the weekend, so wont be expecting to log on until at least tuesday night. So no updates here until then either.


3 Responses to “Quick update before I move house”

  1. 1 wearfannypacks March 9, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    Grats… you have one of two paths you now can follow.. drop off the end and hate end game WoW as so many end up doing, or going crazy with it. It sounds like you’ll do the second.

  2. 2 wearfannypacks March 9, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    oh.. and.. big oops. I intended to post that to your “ding dign ding a ling” post. My bad.

  3. 3 haaz9000 March 12, 2007 at 4:42 pm

    Well, I never really acheived much with Haaz at 60. We beat ZG and had started on the bugs and MC. I think a lot of people will burn out too quickly.

    We shall see…..

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