Offline again!!! – Update 1

So I am 25% through loading the main warcraft game. Then I have to patch it upto 1.12, then to 2.0.0, and then about 4 patches upto 2.0.8 and then done.

Oh no I gotta instal Burning Crusade somewhere in there.

Broken record anyone?

If anyone does come to this post and thinks wtf is this guy on, I need help not a flippin update on his real life issues, well I have one bit of advice. Copy the contents off all your 4 (or 5) disks into a folder called “wow cds”. Start at number 1 and go to number 4 or 5 depending how many you have. If it asks you if you want to overwrite click yes. Then when you are done hit the installer icon. It does it faster, trust me.

Anyway back to my mind numbing issues.

I was kinda wondering why the Burning Crusade disks just didn’t contain all the patch info upto 2.0.0? There probably is a really good reason, like making someone have original disks. But wouldn’t they need the original disks to upgrade to world of warcraft?

So many questions and so little answers. Who has these answers. Write into “haaz wanna know, c/o orgrimmar inn, orgrimmar”. I don’t think orgrimmar needs a postal code.

WOW, I am 50% through since I wrote all this. Maybe if I keep writing crap the install time will speed up. And if it doesn’t, it’ll numb the pain of American Idol my wife is intend on keeping up with.

Only one grumble though, why does my install only wait until I’m level 68 with full rested bonus to play up? Sucks. I hate warcraft, I’m never gonna play it again.

Yeah right.


11 Responses to “Offline again!!! – Update 1”

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