Offline again!!!

Ok so my computer has been playing up again. Tried to log on the other day and patch2.mpq is showing as corrupt. Using the Blizzard repair tool didn’t seem to help so uninstalled it and went to bed. Luckily I saved all the patches I downloaded, so it shouldn’t be as much of a headache next time.

Next time is looking like saturday, possibly friday night if I can leave work early enough as I think I’ll need a few hours.

I’m kinda getting annoyed as it works when I am busy, but give me a free day or two and something happens. My guild start on Karazhan this coming monday so I’ve got to push for 70 and then that attunement pretty fast. It looks like we are starting intially as a sign up for the raid. I notice that a lot of other guilds are making teams up that raid together. Lets just hope I can get to 70 before the next expansion because I really want a chance to roll on The Decapitator


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