Forgot how long patching took

6 hrs in and I am only just installing the Burning Crusade on my computer.

In case you were wondering about my earlier post, it was my warcraft that needed a full install. My brother coped pretty well with putting disks into a drive and pressing ‘ok’.

Right, where to begin. Last night I got home from work and had finally had enough, and put world of warcraft CD 1 into the drive and hit go. CD 2, go. CD 3, go. CD 4, go, zizzz zizzz thurp, (not responding). Twice I tried to eject CD 4 and try again. Twice it didn’t work.

So I tried the full install again. I remember I had a similar problem when I first installed on this computer. I tried a full install agains. Nothing.

 Went round to Elliots house and picked up his copy “dude my disk 4 isn’t working, lend my your install disks”. Got home, but was too tired to carry on. So today I tried again, but with Elliots disks. Same problem, CD 4 not loading correctly.

So… to cut a long story very short, I copied all the files over to my computer and then installed from the hard drive. Then 400+mb patch to get to 1.12.something and then 630+ to get to 2.0.1. I am now on CD 3 of 4 of the Burning Crusade. I’m hoping I had the foresight 2 months ago to save all the post BC patches somewhere.

 71% through CD 3, pleeeeease work. 


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