Ding – Hit 67

I kinda got stuck the last few days. I was at that point where I couldn’t get the level 67 quests in Area52 or Shadowmoon Valley and but high enough that me and some guild mates had hammered through all the quests in Nagrand. I think the problem was lack of instances. I’ve only run about 4 of them, and each of them was no more than 2-3 times.

So I had to go back to Blades Edge Mountains. I skipped the horde quests and went for the cenarion ones instead. I got some pendant, killed some walking birds, then negotiated peace with some human loggers and hit 67. Well not quite, apparently the loggers don’t want peace so Haaz had to cut some heads off.

Dinging 67 meant shadowmoon valley, so off I went.

This areas pretty hard to solo just on the sheer spacing of mobs. There is a lot of downtime just because you’ve had to fight about 4 adds.

After powering through about 25% of this level I got a guild invite to the crypts in a DPS role.

We had a lvl 70 tank, healer and hunter, plus me and a lvl 69 mage. I think it was done in less than an hour because our healer was just about to lose the buff from a pot he consumed right before we went in.

Something dropped that any other time I would have needed straight away. I think it was +50AP and chance of killing a mob to receive upto 900 health back. Pretty sweet, except my crit rating has been freefalling since the expansion. I think I’m down to about 22% crit chance now. I have the +crit trinkets equipped to keep that @ 22% so that would have ruined it. So I greeded instead.

So good times all round? Not quite. I went back to Nagrand to finish off Durn the Hungerer who has been terrorising anyone that visits the giant white rock in south Nagrand. While I was there I noticed that I had not finished up some quest line, killing some more ogres. So I ran through that quest line until I reached the part where you have to plant a flag in their dead bodies. Me being me i’m quite forgetful, so i kept killing them and then intercepting into the next one.

This meant I had to go back and plant a half dozen flags which is where the problem occured. Because there were quite a few of us on the same quest they were spawning at the same point, and it just so happened that I planted a flag right on the fresh corpse of someone else’s kill.

I thought for a moment ‘is that possible, would blizz make it that I can just let someone else do the hard work and then me steal it?’. Apparently they did.

But before I could type /say sorry, I got the following:

[xxx] says: WTF!!!
[xxx] says: stop stealing
xxx spits on you
xxx laughs at you
[Haaz] says: sorry
To [xxx]: I was sorry until you spat
[xxx] stfu you little bitch

It continued like this for a little while. I asked him why he spat and why he was annoyed but he kept insulting me. Not that insulting me was that much off an issue, but I was annoyed that he wouldn’t listen. I can appreciate that everyone is a little wary, even of their own side stealing kill etc, but hey, this guy is in our servers no.1 guild, don’t they have a rule about these things? (actually they do, I checked). So, not so good times, some guy things I’m stealing his kills.


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