Nagrand nearly finished

Yeah I know it says Nagrand, but todays comments are really a whine about Blades Edge Mountains. Is it me or does that zone suck really bad?

I think I hit 66 before deciding to trek up there. I made it to the first horde town and found about 3-4 quests. I then found the next horde town and also the cenarion refuge area. So about a total of 10 quests all in all. So I thought i’d save myself some time and look them up. I find 2 to be bugged in some way. Great start. Then I see that not many are together. Great.

I think the thing that bothered me the most, is I was running around the area and it just bored me. Nothing was exciting, nothing stood out. The quests sucked, and I soon found another one with a 1/100 drop rate. For those who care its the one where you have to collect 4 wings. I checked on Allakhazam and most people seem to have a drop rate problem. Quest dropped.

So anyway, I logged on when I got home from work and decided to go back to Nagrand. Now Nagrands a bit of a strange one. At first I hated it. It reminded me of the barrens, and I really hate the barrens. Whatever character I level I always fly them back to Tirisfal Glades to level them up.

Anyway, we were talking about new content not old stuff. So at first it kinda sucked, but the more time I spent there, the more I decided it wasn’t so bad. The north of the region could have been thought out a bit. It looks like some developer got bored of creating new content and stuck some more ogres for everyone to grind.

The throne of elements is a pretty nice place, but its the south that makes the place. Floating islands with waterfalls, giant crystals and alien type markings, town full of easy grind material, the list goes on.

I had a few quests, mostly group ones. So off I set with a random dude and my man Draith and came back with Breastplate of the Warbringer.

Its an upgrade for me, and replaces my old vindicator breastplate which I used for 5 man or raid off tanking. 3o Def, 45 stam, +30 to hit.

Did I mention I hated Blades Edge Mountains?


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