The Burning Crusade so far

I’m pretty happy with my progress this weekend. Started at 64 and am now halfway through 66.

 Most of my levelling was in Nagrand with the help of a guildmate (cheers perla) and with rested xp. We burnt though all the quests in the south and then joined up with Liska and Wite to do the orge quests in the north.

 Last night i teamed up with Giantcrab and together we busted through some Blades edge mountains quests.

 Before the great server crash of 4th feb, I went down to Hillsbrad to help boost a friends alt and noticed a huge number of alliance wondering around slaying people. I guess they thought there wouldn’t be much help around, with everyone on their mains up in the outlands. Being a high level horde on a PVP server, I felt it was my duty to help.

 And so I did.


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